Leasing IT for IT Finance

Leasing IT for IT Finance

Leasing IT provides UK businesses access to equipment leasing facilities for new computer hardware, technology and business software.

In post recession Britain it’s never been more important to save cash, especially whilst it’s still difficult to rely on the UK banking system. Leasing IT has seen a large increase in demand over the last 24 months. Companies of all shapes and sizes (including local authorities) are looking to grow and improve their systems by leasing new hardware, software and technology equipment.

With over 14 years of IT finance and computer equipment leasing experience, LeasingIT.co.uk & Johnson Reed specialise in technology leasing and computer equipment leasing.

Do you sell IT equipment or Software? Click here for details on offering leasing to your clients.

Traditional leasing companies often struggle to help you with the vital tool of software leasing. Hardware finance is often no problem but software leasing usually draws a blank. At Leasing IT there is no blank, we can help you with it all.

Stretch your IT budget further by spreading the cost of new equipment with innovative, specialist IT technology-leasing packages and wrap up all the service and installations costs.

For quick feed back please call or fill in the quote form, one of your dedicated IT leasing specialists will guide you through the system, its not that difficult, we do it every day!

How do I know leasing will be tax efficient?

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